As most of us across the country, you must be officially spooked that Halloween is already over (no pun intended). Summer is a far distance in our memories and it feels like it was just back to school time. After completing the back to school dreaded list, meeting the new teachers at back to school night and waving good bye as the kids loaded the school bus while you get that annual first day back picture. Then, after September flew by it was suddenly October. As many of you enjoyed the Jewish holidays with friends and family, you had no idea how quickly the holidays would hit. It feel like yesterday it was still warm and the night were long and bright.

Next, Halloween decorating came and went and nothing is left of Halloween night other then the big bucket of candy you can not stop hitting up for a quick fix or for an evening graze. Walk away from the candy! You will thank me next summer! Can you even fathom how we have reached daylights savings, and have to turn back the clock for those dreary, cold winter nights? Lastly, the holiday shoppers biggest fear has come true... the holidays are upon us. The next holiday is Thanksgiving, a nice time to think of what you are most thankful for in life. But, for holiday shoppers it reminds them of the unbearable Black Friday, where we all fall for the sale gimmicks and pre-holiday prices. This year be sure to remember the calm before this holiday season and relax by visiting JTELSEN.COM for your holiday gift giving needs! JTELSEN.COM is guaranteed to be the best prices online and off for diamond gifts this holiday season or your money back! JTELSEN.COM is your leading online wholesaler where you will find low, sale prices everyday! Without having to worry about staying up all night or holding off shopping for the lowest prices!