How to upgrade your engagement ring or wedding band 101 at JTELSEN.COM


Congrats! You have successfully make it to the five, ten, twenty, thirty, (etc), wedding anniversary mark. While you may clearly remember the big day or the day is a distant, faint memories from an ancient part of life. Regardless of time part, you must celebrate and recall all of the wonderful things that have brought you and your significant other together as one and as soul mates for life. We know that at times we take for granted and often times forget the unrepeatable love that we have in our lives. Whether or not you argue over dishes and dirty laundry and lets not forget the occasional garbage night argument, we all have to take the time out of everyday to stop and love our loved ones. We must make each other feel appreciated and important! We must live in the moment yet keep our partners feelings in close regard. With that said, take the time to reminisce about the times you had before you were married. The times when you were inseparable and the you knew your love would never end. As young lover birds we spent every waking moment together and dreamed about starting a home, a life and a family.

So! When your special anniversary rolls around this year, next year or any year in the future, remember the kind words of JTELSEN.COM. Remember how we sparked your memory and how we promised to help you show how much your significant other means to you. More then words can express, a diamond ring, is the ultimate symbol. The thing that represents love and togetherness and that you loved one can look down at everyday and think of you. Visit JTELSEN.COM day or night with our talented customer service and sales team ready to make your dreams , and budget come true!