Wedding Season/ Summer 2014


As summer 2014 nears the end, we can stop and enjoy the dwindling warm nights and sunshine. All of us had fun times with family, friends and loved ones. We hit the nearest beaches, stayed for hours and watched the sunset. We swam in the perfect temperature of local and privately owned swimming pools and may have had a cold salt rimmed glass in our hand while doing so ;). Whether you are a beach personal, swimmer or not, summer brings out the best in us all. Ice cream, ice cold watermelon and the newest fad, make your own frozen yogurt gets us all giddy inside like children. What may or may not have been the highlight of your summer may or may not be the season of weddings. Whether you or a close family member was married, or you are over weddings completely we can all stop and remember doing at least one silly dance to one of our favorite oldies and looking forward to dessert whether that ceremony brought a tear to your eye or not!

At JTELSEN.COM we are happy to reminisce about this two thousand fourteen happening wedding season. Many people have been doing it up big when it comes to weddings and ceremonies in general. Weddings have changed to the good out go big or go home theory and wow are brides loving it! The wedding halls have become more grand and more fabulous with time and there is much more to a wedding then a big white dress. Whether you are on a budget for this style of wedding or not, we all know where the wedding fun begins.. The proposal! JTELSEN.COM is here day and night to help ease you into the wedding world with low, low cheap diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry everyday.